Create a Market for Your Shares

Aktionariat is working on a set of tools for Swiss companies to create a market for their shares on their own website.

Open technology. No intermediaries. Powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

How it Works

Our Tools

We are working on a set of complementing tools that can be freely combined to tokenize shares and create a market for them.

Our ambition is to have them finalized once proposal 19.074 has been set into force, which will provide Switzerland with a clear legal foundation for the tokenization of shares and other securities. Today's tokenization projects are based on agreements that contractually bind the share to the token. This works, too, but is not as strong as an explicit article that says 'the token is the share'.

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Tokenize existing or newly issued shares of your company by minting blockchain-based security tokens that implement the popular ERC-20 standard and follow the Security Token Guidelines published by the Swiss Blockchain Federation.

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Shareholder Registry

Shareholders must register themselves with name and address in order to enjoy their rights. We provide an according registration widget and maintain the shareholder registry in an exportable format.

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Drag-Along Contract

A smart contract to automatically enforce the drag-along clause typically found in shareholder agreements, enabling a blockchain-driven squeeze-out in case of an acquisition.

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Token Recovery

Tokens issued with us include a decentralized token recovery mechanism that allows lost tokens to be returned to their owners.

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Collective Signatures

A user-friendly multisignature contract to securely perform corporate actions, supporting the typical signatory setups of Swiss corporations.

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Legal Package

Comprehensive consultation as well as a legal package including articles of association, token terms, and a revision of the shareholder agreement is provided by our partner and law firm

Stay tuned for additional tool descriptions to be added in the coming months.

Our Offer

We want to enable companies to tap into the financial markets of the future -- a future we can shape together.

If you are founder or investor in a robust Swiss company with a proven business model, let us know! You are the ideal candidate for a tokenization and the creation of a secondary market for your shares.

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About Us

Luzius Meisser

CEO, tokenization proponent, investor and board member in various startups.

Murat Ögat

CTO, mobile wizard, previously built a successful app production agency.


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