Create a Market for Your Shares

Aktionariat offers a set of tools for Swiss companies to create a market for their digital shares on their own website.

  • Open technology.
  • No intermediaries.
  • Powered by the Ethereum blockchain.


Swiss companies that tokenized their shares on the Ethereum blockchain, some with us, some with other providers.

Icon Ticker Name Price per Share Market Cap
DAKSDAKSAktionariat AG Shares
DGCSDGCSGreen Consensus SA Shares
iAMiAMi.AM Innovation Lab AG Equity
SETSETSEBA Equity TokenNot traded
MEONMEONMedignition Share TokenNot traded
DYVESDYVESDyves Group AGNot traded
TBDYour SuggestionVery valuable

Our Offer

We offer a convenient and incremental path forward:

1. Tokenize: The company tokenizes some of its shares and adds an investor relations page to its website, using our tools. 2. Trade: Investors can buy and sell shares at any time directly on the website, using the Aktionariat app or any other compatible wallet. 3. Profit: Founders, employees and investors benefit as their shares gain a tangible value.
  1. Tokenize

    Import your traditional shareholder registry to our dashboard, enabling your shareholders to see their holdings in the Aktionariat portfolio app. Propose to the general assembly to adjust your articles of association and the shareholder agreement (if there is one) and finally tokenize some of your existing shares. Doing so makes it possible to digitally transfer the tokenized shares.

  2. Trade

    Build an insightful investor relations page using our powerful tools: easy to set up website widgets centered around our innovative Brokerbot. Powered by blockchain-technology, Brokerbot allows anyone to buy and sell your freshly tokenized digital shares using our Aktionariat app or any other compatible Ethereum wallet, directly from your own website.

  3. Profit

    Enjoy higher liquidity and lower price uncertainty thanks to our Brokerbot-powered market. Whether founder, employee or investor, benefit from a tangible value of your tokenized shares and an increase in their market price. Damodaran (2005) empirically estimates this price increase to be at least 25%, even higher for smaller firms.

Are you investor or founder of a promising Swiss company, and you think its shares deserve to be traded in an open market?

Our Tools

We are offering a set of complementing tools that can be freely combined to tokenize shares and create a market for them. The legal foundations for all of this have come into force on February 1st, 2021.

  • corporate dashboard

    Corporate Dashboard

    A website where board members of tokenized companies can manage the shareholder registry, initiate and approve transactions, and configure the smart contracts that belong to the company.

  • illustration image

    Portfolio App

    A mobile wallet app to track and manage investments in Ethereum-based assets (e.g. security tokens) as well as positions in traditional shares of client companies. Supports the WalletConnect protocol.

  • Brokerbot widget


    A web-based widget based on our innovative smart contract for the automated market-making of tokenized equity. Tailored towards the needs of issuers and backed by scientific research.

  • illustration image


    Tokenize existing or newly issued shares of your company by minting security tokens (blockchain shares) that implement the popular ERC-20 standard and follow the Security Token Guidelines of the the Swiss Blockchain Federation.

  • illustration image

    Shareholder Registry

    Under Swiss Law, shareholders must register themselves with name and address in order to enjoy their rights. We provide an according registration widget and maintain the shareholder registry in an exportable format.

  • illustration image

    Drag-Along Contract

    A smart contract to automatically enforce the drag-along clause typically found in shareholder agreements, enabling a blockchain-driven squeeze-out in case of an acquisition.

  • illustration image

    Token Recovery

    Security tokens issued with us include a decentralized token recovery mechanism that allows lost tokens to be returned to their owners.

  • illustration image

    Collective Signatures

    A user-friendly multisignature contract to securely perform corporate actions, supporting the typical signatory setups of Swiss corporations.

  • LEXR photo

    Legal Package

    Comprehensive consultation as well as a legal package including articles of association, token terms, and a revision of the shareholder agreement is provided by our partner and law firm LEXR.

  • documentation illustration


    Learn more about our products and the technologies behind them or read our how-to pages to make the best use of the tools we offer.

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    Follow the latest updates about Aktionariat and essential news about the Swiss cryptocurrency world.

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