We offer a set of tools that allow companies to create a market for their shares, directly on their website. The market part of our toolset consists of several smart widgets: a price chart, a KPI chart, a trade history table, a shareholder registration widget and our core widget, the Brokerbot, an automated trading machine. All of them can be easily customized to fit perfectly into any website design, on our How to set up and customize Aktionariat widgets page, on which code snippets will be automatically generated with your customization included.


A smart contract for the automated market-making of tokenized equity. Learn more on our Brokerbot product page.

screenshot of Brokerbot widget

Price Chart

The price chart is meant to provide existing and potential investors with a reliable and constantly up-to-date market price. It shows the price development of an underlaying share for a defined time line. The share price gets automatically fetched from the Brokerbot and is being securely stored on the blockchain. There is no possibility for third parties to manipulate it, neither the chart nor the share price itself. The starting price of a tokenized share and the price increments can be managed in the Corporate Dashboard, another essential part of the toolset we offer.

screenshot of price chart widget

Token Variables

It is important for potential investors to have access to some of the most basic information about an investment opportunity. We make it as convenient as can be for a company to provide this kind of information in an automated way. In addition to the price chart, we recommend to provide investors with a table, short paragraph, or any other structure you see fit, indicating the total number of shares, the number of tokenized shares and the actual number of shares available for sale through the Brokerbot, the current share price and the resulting market capitalization.

variables in paragraph

All of these discrete variables can be found on our How to set up and customize Aktionariat widgets page and will automatically display current values on your investors page wherever you place them.

variables selection

KPI Chart

The KPI chart is meant to provide investors with useful information about the course of business. We suggest to use a metric that delivers useful insights for an investment decision but is not critical for competitors to know. Once defined the data needs to be made available for the widget to be displayed. One may think of a metric that can be fetched from the company’s database in an automated and continuous manner. Thereby the KPI widget will display the development of the KPI in a readable chart.

screenshot of KPI chart widget

Trade History Table

Trading activities of your tokenized shares are automatically detected on the Ethereum blockchain. Our trade history table provides an automated list of the most recent trades (both sales and purchases) with your security token. It displays a timestamp, trade type, number of shares traded, the average price per share and the optional note that the trader left. Furthermore one can have a look at the id of the block that the transaction was executed on as well as the crypto currency used for the transaction. The whole trade history can also be downloaded as a CSV file. screenshot of trade history widget

Token Events Subscription

Keep the public informed about your token’s performance. Aktionariat provides your investors with the possibility to subscribe to token event updates: whenever a transaction involving your security token takes place, the subscriber will be automatically notified by e-mail. This widget offers you an easy way to increase transparency regarding the performance of your token towards any investor, both current and potential.

Shareholder Registry

Shareholders need to be registered in a shareholder registry under Swiss Law, which also allows them to enjoy their full legal rights of voting and receiving dividends, if applicable. Shareholders that are using our portfolio app register with name and address through the app an are then automatically added to the shareholder registry of a token issuer as soon as they purchase their shares using our Brokerbot.

For those investors who wish to use another compatible wallet app instead, we provide a shareholder registration widget, through which the shareholder can register using either MetaMask or another WalletConnect compatible wallet. Once registered, newly purchased blockchain shares will automatically be added to the shareholder registry in the investor’s name.

screenshot of shareholder registry widget, not connected screenshot of shareholder registry widget, connected