Investor Relations

Dear Shareholders and potential future Shareholders,

With Aktionariat, we have started a journey to bring fundamental investing to the crypto world. Today, the most traded crypto assets do not represent any tangible value. We want to change this by using this promising technology for the trading tokens that represent shares of companies. That’s why I founded Aktionariat together with Murat. We want to attract companies of fundamental value to the space of decentralized finance, and to better connect them to their current and future shareholders.

I hereby invite you to join me on my journey by becoming a fellow shareholder of Aktionariat AG. All it takes is a plunge into the cold waters of not-yet-very-user-friendly technology, and a fistful of Ethers or CryptoFrancs.


Luzius Meisser

President of the Board


Aktionariat AG is a Swiss corporation based in Zurich with trade register number CHE-453.438.437. Its purpose is to enable Swiss companies to create a market for their shares and is defined in more general terms in its Articles of Association. Its capital is divided into shares with a nominal value of 0.10 CHF each, out of which shares are held by the company itself. On the basis of a Registration Agreement, Aktionariat shares are registered on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-20 tokens named . The current market price per share is , implying a market capitalization of .

Business Model

Markets work best when they are free and open. We leverage the latest legal and technical developments to create liquid markets for securities that hitherto were illiquid and hard to price. Even for those not interested in selling their digital shares, having a reliable price signal can unlock substantial value. For example, it creates a point of orientation for employees regarding the true value of their shares and enables investors to more reliably gauge how well (or not so well) their portfolio is doing.

The monthly trading volume of all token markets driven by our intellectual property.

We believe that being an enabler in this market should put us sooner or later in a position where we can capture some of the value we create. However, for the foreseeable future, we strictly prioritize growth and product development over revenue generation. We also decided to put a laser-sharp focus on the technical dimension, leaving legal consulting to partner firm LEXR and the provision of auxiliary financial services such as the custody of crypto assets to regulated financial intermediaries. For the technically savvy, it will always be possible to enjoy the full spectrum of our services without relying on third parties, but some users find it more convenient to do so via an intermediary of choice.


Aktionariat AG has been founded in June 2020 with 120′000 CHF of capital and ended the year with about 30′000 CHF liquidity left. Details can be found in the unaudited financial report for 2020. We do not expect to reach break-even in the coming years and therefore depend on further investments. For 2021, we will need at least 500′000 CHF of additional funding, which we plan to raise through the sale of 100′000 shares. Funding can come from three sources: the founders, employees using part of their salaries to buy more shares, and external investors that are adventurous enough to believe in our vision. Our aim is to route all of these transactions through our open market, giving every buyer the exact same opportunity to buy our shares and creating a high level of market transparency. In case there is not enough public interest in our shares, Luzius is committed to step in.


In our vision, a direct market is the central component of every investor relations page, enabling investors to buy and sell shares directly from the company. In our case, we offer Aktionariat AG Shares (DAKS). These blockchain-based security tokens represent shares of Aktionariat AG that are bound to a Token Holder Agreement. The token holder agreement preserves the strategic option of an exit by allowing an acquirer to squeeze out all minority shareholders in case a 75% majority agrees with the acquisition, hence the prefix “Draggable” in the token name. The DAKS token contract allows the drag-along agreement to be automatically enforced, allowing it to be efficiently executed even if there are thousands of shareholders.

Investors can use the Aktionariat mobile app for iOS or Android, MetaMask or any other WalletConnect compatible Ethereum wallet to interact with the market widget and complete their transactions without any need for intermediaries. With each share sold, the price is automatically adjusted upwards a little and with each repurchased share it is adjusted downwards again by the same amount, allowing a market price to be formed.

Trade History

The trade history widget shows the five most recent share transactions. The complete trade history is also available for download as a CSV file.

If you wish to be notified about future trades and other notable events concerning our share tokens, subscribe here:

Shareholder Registry

Shareholders can either register their shares with the form below, using a wallet of their choice, or by holding their shares with the Aktionariat wallet app for iOS or Android. Once registered, newly purchased blockchain shares will automatically be added to the shareholder registry in your name. For details, please consult our privacy policy.