How to buy Aktionariat Shares


This is a walk-through on purchasing blockchain-based Aktionariat shares, sometimes referred to as blockchain shares. They are sold in the form of a token named Draggable Aktionariat AG Shares (DAKS). This post will lead you step by step through the process of acquiring DAKS either with the Aktionariat Portfolio App (iOS, Android) or with any other WallectConnect compatible Ethereum wallet. The same procedure is also applicable to other issuers that make use of our tools to create a market for their tokenized equity.

Step 1: Get a Crypto Wallet

wallet app

You are free to use any mobile crypto wallet that supports WallectConnect or the MetaMask browser plugin. However, as of today, only the Aktionariat Portfolio App is capable of displaying the current price of our shares and capable of automatically registering the users as shareholders with the issuer. It is available on iOS App Store and on Google Play Store.

The Aktionariat Portfolio App is a non-custodial wallet. This means that the user has exclusive control of the stored assets and therefore also bears exclusive responsibility for said assets. Before storing any non-trivial amount of crypto-assets in any non-custodial wallet, it is highly recommended to backup the wallet’s key phrase that allows to restore it on a new phone.

Step 2: Acquiring Cryptocurrency

You can buy our shares with Ether or CryptoFrancs (XCHF) in your wallet. In case you are paying with CryptoFrancs, you still need a small amount of Ether for the transaction fee. A good place to buy Ether from is the Swiss company as they offer reasonable fees and payments with local wire transfers. What makes Bity somewhat inconvenient is the requirement to sign a message to prove that you own an address.

We plan to simplify this process soon, but for now, you will have to go through MyEtherWallet to verify your address. To do so, choose ”MEW Wallet“, click ”WalletConnect“, scan the barcode with our portfolio app by clicking ”scan QR code“ in the ”connect“ tab, and approve the connection in the app. Now, you can see your Ethereum address and can provide it to Bity. In the next step, Bity will ask you to sign a message. To do so, go back to the connected MyEtherWallet page, click ”message“ in the menu on the left (only visible if the browser window is wide enough), paste Bity’s message there, click ”sign“, open the Aktionariat app again and sign the message, switch back to the browser and click ”confirm signing“, copy the code that comes after ”sig:" from the signed message (looks like 0xab20d…db1c), paste it into the according test field provided by Bity and confirm.

The confirmation of the address ownership is necessary with all Swiss crypto brokers, as that is a requirement imposed by Finma. Most brokers perform this by asking you to send a micro-amount back and forth, which can take time and cost transaction fees in the range of 10 CHF. The advantage of Bity’s method is that it is free and works without delay.

Step 3: Connect your Wallet with the Market Widget

Once your crypto wallet holds either CryptoFrancs or Ethereum, you are ready to buy some tokenized shares. To do so, scroll to the market widget on the investor relations page of the issuer, in this case Aktionariat.

Market Blogpost

Choose the number of shares you want to buy and click ”Connect to a Wallet" and choose the type of wallet you are using.

Market Blogpost

Doing so with the Aktionariat App makes a QR-Code appear that needs to be scanned using the app. Select the ”connect“ tab and choose ”Scan QR Code" on the top of the screen.

Allow the app to use your mobile’s camera. Scan the QR Code on your screen with your mobile’s camera.

QR code

Your Aktionariat App will ask you to confirm to establish the connection with the market widget. Click "connect" in the bottom right corner of the app, creating a connection between your crypto wallet and the market widget.

Confirm connecting to Aktionariat MM

Step 4: Buy Draggable Aktionariat AG Shares (DAKS)

Once your wallet is connected to the market widget, you can execute your purchase of Draggable Aktionariat Shares (DAKS).

Market step 4

Choose the currency you wish to use for the purchase by clicking on the dropdown menu. You can either pay with Ethereum (ETH) or with Cryptofrancs (XCHF). Note that there will be a transaction fee charged by the Ethereum Network. These fees can vary based on the underlying gas price and are charged in Ether, regardless of the currency used for the purchase.

After confirming that you agree with the Token Terms by selecting the according checkbox, you can click the ”Buy DAKS“ button. This prepares the transaction and sends it to your wallet, where you can confirm it. In case of using the Aktionariat App, an overlay with a ”Sign & Send" button should appear. This button signs the transaction and sends it to the Ethereum network. (In case this message doesn’t show up in the app, try reconnecting the wallet.)

market confirm buy

Once the Ethereum network has confirmed your transaction, you will find the newly acquired Aktionariat shares (DAKS) in the portfolio tab of the Aktionariat app.

Step 5: Make sure you are registered as a shareholder

Shareholder Registry widget

When using the Aktionariat app, make sure to fill in your infos in the profile section. Doing so automatically registers you as a shareholder for all tokenized shares you acquire and allows you to enjoy full shareholder rights. If you are using another wallet, you will have to register through the registration widget on the bottom of our investor relations page.