Corporate Dashboard

Our Corporate Dashboard is a browser-based tool that lets company administrators steer all aspects related to the tokenization of shares and the management of their shares market. It can be understood as the backbone of our tool set and is designed to manage thousands of shareholders. The dashboard covers three major topics: the shareholder registry, the handling of tokenized and non-tokenized shares and the management of the market of digital shares.

Find an overview of the capabilities our Corporate Dashboard offers below in the Features section.

For information about accessing the Dashboard, consult our Accessing the Corporate Dashboard page.

Shareholder Registry

Get rid of your spreadsheet or paper-based shareholder registry: start managing your shareholders digitally by using our Corporate Dashboard. As the number of shareholder increases it becomes crucial to have a tool that allows a company to easily manage a large number of shareholders. Our Dashboard is designed to do just that. In this regard it doesn’t matter if a company has tokenized its shares yet or only has traditional shares for now. Our Corporate Dashboard allows you to freely manage both traditional and blockchain-based shares and never lose overview of your shareholders. You can add off-chain share transfers between existing and also new shareholders. On the other hand share transfers of digital shares on the blockchain are automatically captured and the shareholder registry gets updated accordingly. One can always download the shareholder registry as pdf or csv file. To become part of the shareholder registry a buyer of tokenized shares has to register themselves either in the Aktionariat Portfolio App or by using our Shareholder Registration tool.

screenshot of Aktionariat Corporate Dashboard

The use of the shareholder registry is an ideal entrance point into our Dashboard and the world of tokenized shares. Once a company has captured the status quo of the share distribution, the dashboard offers an incremental way to the implementation of the market for tokenized shares. We offer the usage of our digital shareholder registry free of costs and obligations.

Handling of Shares

One of the core capabilities of our Corporate Dashboard is the handling of tokenized and non-tokenized shares. The Dashboard is capable of freely managing both traditional and tokenized shares at the same time. Companies can handle traditional shares by adding off-chain share transfers. This allows to accept fiat money via traditional bank transfer in exchange for both traditional and tokenized shares, even if the company implemented the automated market by using our Brokerbot. This means a company can have our Brokerbot installed that automatically trades digital shares based on the blockchain and at the same time onboard large investors in a more traditional way by accepting fiat via bank transfer.

screenshot of Aktionariat Corporate Dashboard

The handling of traditional shares in the Dashboard must be understood as a representation of the legal ownership structure in the traditional world. Therefore manually added off-chain transfers must always be backed by the corresponding legal documents required by Swiss OR. This of course is different with tokenized shares that are designed to be freely transferred and every change of legal ownership gets automatically written on the blockchain and captured by the Dashboard. This mechanism allows to keep the representation of the legal ownership of tokenized shares up to date at any time. On-chain transfers can always be viewed under the menu item “Events”.

screenshot of Aktionariat Corporate Dashboard

Furthermore the Dashboard allows to adjust the number of traditional shares manually. It lays within the responsibility of the company to make sure that the total number of shares (traditional and tokenized) always corresponds with the actual number of shares stated in the articles of association and the commercial registry. To tokenize traditional shares that are property of the issuing company an administrator can simply propose the tokenization of a certain number of treasury shares. This creates a proposal that board members with signatory powers (represented on the blockchain) can sign. On the other hand a holder of traditional shares can request the tokenization of them by using our Portfolio App.

Market (Brokerbot) Management

The implementation of our market tools, at its core the Brokerbot, is highly recommended. To profit from a liquidity price premium of free floating shares the implementation of the market is a must. Also it paves the way to include a company’s community to raise liquid funds. The market is based on the Ethereum blockchain and installed on a company’s website. It enables the automated trading of tokenized shares against liquid funds.

screenshot of Aktionariat Corporate Dashboard

The Corporate Dashboard is where the market is controlled. Start off by transferring a certain number of tokenized treasury shares to the Brokerbot’s Ethereum address. We recommend to use between 5% and 10% of the total number of shares to trade through Brokerbot. The Dashboard allows to withdraw deposited security tokens from the Brokerbot or deposit more at any time. While investors buy security tokens a company receives liquid funds. The Dashboard allows to withdraw received cryptofrancs or deposit more at any time. To make the market a market a company has to define a starting price for its shares as well as a price increment. With every share sold the price increases by the defined increment and decreases by the same amount when shares are sold back to the company. Last but not least a company administrator can propose to disable the market in both directions: either disable to sell shares or disable to buy shares back to the company or both. The proposal can then be accepted or rejected by one or more board members with signatory powers.

screenshot of Aktionariat Corporate Dashboard

Aktionariat is constantly working on improving the dashboard and its functionalities to make it even more convenient to handle shareholders, shares and a shares market. If you come across ideas on how to further improve one or more of our tools, please let us know.



  • Management of company details (URL, description, icon)
  • Management of company administrators
  • Management of board member signatory powers (blockchain)
  • Proposal Management: sign-off process in the context of signatory powers (blockchain)
  • Retaining overview on the company’s corporate addresses (blockchain)
  • Manage the total number of shares


  • Addition of off-chain share transfers (checkpoint, issuance, transfer, deletion)
  • Investigation of share transfers
  • Download of share transfers list
  • Adding of new shareholders
  • Editing of existing shareholders’ addresses
  • Download of shareholder registry as a whole as pdf or csv file


  • Proposal for tokenization of investor’s shares (blockchain)
  • Proposal for tokenization of treasury shares (blockchain)

Market (Brokerbot)

  • Retain an overview of the market parameters (blockchain)
  • Setting of share price and price increment (blockchain)
  • Manage token reserves (withdraw and deposit tokens) (blockchain)
  • Manage currency reserves (withdraw and deposit crypto) (blockchain)
  • Manage market (enable/disable buying and selling shares) (blockchain)
  • Tracking of relevant blockchain events (blockchain)