Support for indirectly held tokens through owned contracts

17 May 2021

LQTY tokens in Aktionariat Portfolio App

Aktionariat Portfolio App offers a new feature: Support for indirectly held tokens through owned contracts!

The Aktionariat app is capable of detecting tokens that you hold indirectly, without having to explicitly import the relevant addresses. For example, if Alice has a wallet with address 0x123 that is the registered owner of smart contract 0xABC, then all tokens residing on address 0xABC will show up in her Aktionariat app.

Technically, we achieve this by tracking all “OwnershipTransferred” and “LockupContractCreated” events that happen on the Ethereum blockchain, so our backend always knows who owns which smart contracts. Developers might be interested in knowing that the API for doing such lookups through our backend is openly available. For example, this API call returns a list of contracts owned by the Aktionariat corporate multi-signature address. For our users, this means that they can also track their indirect holdings with our portfolio app. The screenshot shows an example of how a user can see LQTY tokens owned through the lockup-contract created for early investors in Liquity. To our knowledge, the Aktionariat app is the first that added support for such contracts.

Our Portfolio App currently does not support arbitrary tokens, but only those that are in our database. If you are the creator of an own flavor of lockup contracts that is not supported yet and would like us to support it, please let us know.