About Us


Aktionariat AG is a small startup with a bold vision. Today, only 230 out of more than 500′000 Swiss companies are publicly traded on the stock market. We have the legal, technical, and economic ideas to change this and to create liquid markets for thousands of additional Swiss companies, potentially unlocking billions in dormant economic value. Companies benefit from better access to capital and investors benefit from a broader investment universe. Unlike today’s crypto assets, which are mostly known for short-term speculation, we want to leverage the underlying technology to enable long-term value-investing and to build a culture of local, sustainable, transparent and decentralized finance.

Aktionariat provides a platform for issuing, managing and trading tokenized shares. Blockchain technology enables a direct market between the company and its investors, and also serves as a distributed ledger. If you would like to learn more about our platform or join our shareholders, see our Investor Relations page.


Partners & Experts

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    Lexr is our legal partner and the recommended choice for all the legal work related to tokenized securities. Founder Christian Meisser is an entrepreneur and lawyer. He regularly publishes and advises on blockchain-related topics and financial market regulation.

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    Monerium is a fintech from Iceland that offers IBAN accounts connected to Ethereum addresses. This can help our clients to fully automate the handling of bank transfers when offering their shares for sale, triggering a blockchain-based transaction as the payment arrives.

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    Dagmara Robinson

    Dagmara Robinson is an experienced leader in financial communication for publicly traded companies. She supports our clients in establishing professional investor relations and developing a communication strategy towards the financial community.