Accessing the Corporate Dashboard

The Corporate Dashboard allows board members of issuers to view the shareholder registry and to initiate corporate actions.

Gaining Access

In order to access the Corporate Dashboard, the following preconditions need to be completed:

  1. Your organization needs to be a client of Aktionariat. To become a client, get in touch with

  2. Either Aktionariat (for the initial board members of a newly signed up client) or an existing board member invited you by e-mail using the Dashboard.

  3. You have accepted the invitation by clicking the according link in the invitation email.

  4. You have installed the Aktionariat app and added the email address the invitation email was sent to to your profile.

  5. You have confirmed the connection between app and email address by clicking the according link in the confirmation email.


Once these five steps are completed, you can sign in to the corporate Dashboard by performing the following steps:

  1. Visit on a computer or tablet with a large screen (not your phone).

  2. Click the sign-in button. When doing this for the first time, a QR-code appears. If you’ve already done that before, you are taken directly to step 4.

  3. Open the Aktionariat app, go to the connect tab and scan the QR-code shown on the website.

  4. The web page will show a “waiting for signature” dialog. Open the Aktionariat app and wait for the signature request to appear.

  5. Approve the signature request in the app. The website will now automatically navigate to the dashboard if you are authorized. If you are not authorized, an error message will appear below the sign-in button.

Note that signing in will set a session cookie that will keep you signed in until it either expires (after a few days without visiting the Dashboard) or you explicitely sign out.

Unfortunately, the standard we are using to connect the Dashboard to the app, Wallet Connect, does not seem very reliable and it might sometimes be necessary to disconnect your session and try again. Sometimes, there can also be considerable delays if many users are using Wallet Connect as we share a bridge server with other services. The long term goal will be to contribute to the open source Wallet Connect to make it more reliable and to run our own bridge infrastructure, making the login experience smoother and the signing more responsive.